Thursday, 21 July 2016

Devolution and new Avon Metro Mayor

The Conservative Cabinet of the Council has been in negotiations with government over devolution deals. There are many good elements to the devolution deal however as currently legislated it requires us to accept an elected mayor of Avon to rule over this partnership.

Since the dissolution of Avon our area has thrived because it is no longer shackelled. Just the election of a Mayor would cost taxpayers £1M and we estimate that the office would cost a further £1m a year to run. Indeed we have only recently rejected the idea of an elected Mayor in B&NES.

It is not just that new powers are controlled by the new mayor but all future devolution of powers will be controlled by the Mayor.

We think this is something that should be countenanced. We agree with devolution but not being controlled by a single elected mayor.

However our main concern is that so few residents know about this consultation. Please give your views by one of the following methods.

·         Online:
·         Paper copies of the survey will be available from local libraries, Customer Service Points and One Stop Shops from 14 July – or by calling 0117 922 2848.
·         Other formats such as braille are also available by calling 0117 922 2848.
·         An audio version is available now on the website above.

Possible pedestrian crossing in Southdown Road

On a fairly regular basis we get asked to review the need for a pedestrian crossing in Southdown Road. We asked Highways to look at the proposal and do some data collection on the actually pedestrian flows in the area of the convenience store.
The figures showed that the numbers did not meet the thresholds for a crossing to be put in. We also met with Highways on site to see if any other options or ideas were possible. We also had feedback from some residents around the shop area Ho were concerned about the impact a crossing would have.
In the end we reached the conclusion not to proceed to a consultation on changes to the road and so the matter is dropped again for the time being.

However we have had a commitment that we will have some extra speed roundals painted in the road in the store area of the road.

Planning application

Ward:               Southdown                               App Ref:           16/03521/FUL
Parish:             N/A
Registered:       13th July 2016                           Expiry Date:     7th September 2016
Grid Ref:          (E)372373 - (N)163183                            LB Grade:         N/A
Proposal:         Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling and therapy pool pavilion with conversion of garage to ancillary accommodation and widened vehicle access from Englishcombe Rise
Officer:             Chloe Buckingham

To view the case click on the link here.

Any comments please register them on the planning website or call either of us if you wish to discuss planning matters.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Hillcrest Drive

Only one planning application in Southdown this week. Any questions? Please feel free to ask.

Ward:SouthdownApp Ref:16/03403/FUL

Registered:6th July 2016Expiry Date:31st August 2016
Location:126 Hillcrest Drive Southdown Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1HF

Proposal:Erection of a two storey side extension following demolition of single storey rear porch

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Haycombe Drive

On Friday Cllrs Dine Romero and Paul Crossley started door knocking on houses in Haycombe Drive. As is ever the case most houses were not at home but a card was left. Please call us if you have any issues you want to discuss.
However amongst the many houses we spoke to, the issues raised concerned litter, the state of Rosewarn Field, housing issues, education issues and benefit problems. We are following these issues up.
We also discussed the issue of the proposed new directly elected Mayor for Avon that the Conservatives are now proposing. People were not even aware that a consultation had started let alone why this was being discussed when we have just voted 80:20 not to have an elected Mayor. Lots of distrust expressed about the Conservative Cabinet.
Also several people wanted to know when the Government were going to start the process of leaving Europe following the referendum. Answer - who knows. The Government seems to be rudderless at the moment.


Bath and North East Somerset is now leading the way in putting defibrulator cabinets out into the community. This started over two years ago when customers at the Volunteer Rifleman decided to raise money for a case in the public area following a medical emergency that would have benefitted by having a cabinet to hand. In addition we are working with a charity and with Councillors using their ward initiative funding to ensure these cabinets are widely distributed across our area. As your local councillors we have decided to use some of our money to help with the installation of two cabinets in Southdown. After looking at several locations and looking into permissions from the landowners and a commitment to the electricity supply that is needed by the cabinet we are delighted that Tesco in Englishcombe Lane and St Barnabas Church by the Roundhill both agreed to the installations. The Tesco one was installed several weeks ago and the one this week.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Planning applications this week

Ward:​​Southdown​​​App Ref:​16/02813/FUL


Registered:​21st June 2016​​​Expiry Date:​16th August 2016

Location:​93 Sladebrook Road Southdown Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1LP
Grid Ref:​(E)372561 - (N)163736​​​LB Grade:​N/A

Proposal:​Conversion of double garage into living space

Ward:​​Southdown​​​App Ref:​16/02905/FUL


Registered:​19th June 2016​​​Expiry Date:​14th August 2016

Location:​62 Parry Close Southdown Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1JR

Grid Ref:​(E)372947 - (N)163985​​​LB Grade:​N/A

Proposal:​Installation of decking in back garden of property to provide safe level access from the conservatory

Any comments ? Please contact either Paul or Dine.